The Grameenfriends & Co. Ltd. is an initiative of Community Healthcare and Rural e-Commerce, started in October, 2019 as a pilot initiative under the national ngo of SOCIAL AiD to provide primary healthcare service in rural community and generate income and employment opportunity for the rural people in need through buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium.

Grameenfriends & Co. Ltd. is registered by Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Bangladesh. It is an outcome of forging effective partnerships with local stakeholders that promise a Win-Win situation for all parties concerned. In this program a rural sales-force comprising of destitute women is created. The Grameenfriends initiative to be a riveting example of how a local stakeholders and private company can enter the rural markets and expand their business and at the same time engender socio-economic and healthcare progress amongst rural people.

Grameenfriends & Co. Ltd. is constantly exploring new ways to solve the market linkage and product supply problem by pursuing innovative approaches. One such initiative is the piloting of the “Community Shop” (a place where having affordable product”), driven by the idea of establishing an area that serves as one-stop retail, door to door service and community meeting point. This Community Shop offers a convenient space where consumers meet with product as per their demand with affordable price. Also small entrepreneur exchange entrepreneurial experiences and ideas, as well as engage in trade activities.